What To Do During Emergency Weather

What To Expect During Extreme Weather

GPA Treatment of Macon, Inc. can adjust dosing hours as needed. In the case of an unforeseen event, such as a traffic accident or inclement weather, dosing hours may be extended to meet the needs of our patients. If a disaster makes it impossible to access the facility and medicate patients, each patient will be accommodated at another methadone facility as instructed by GPA Macon staff.

If changes to dosing hours are to be made, patients will be contacted with instructions about the new dosing hours. Sometimes special take-homes may be given if weather is expected that prevents patients and/or staff from being able to get to the clinic.

The Program Director will change the greeting on the phone system to reflect the new dosing days and/or times. If possible, a notice will be posted on GPA’s premises.

If necessary and possible, staff at this facility may initiate guest dosing with a facility that is located closer to the patient’s location.